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Animals shelter

• Animals shelter • fabulabox accueil refuge GB

When a bird calls Miguel for help, his quiet life in the country dramatically changes.
His strange power helps him heal and protect animals, but also better understand them.
But there are so many of them, it’s too much work for one child alone.
Can you help him save the animals of the Shelter?

• Animals shelter • fabulabox quizz refuge GB

    Question 1 : Can you locate on the world map above, the habitas of the animals mentioned in the story?
    Yes I found itNo, I can'tI found it with some help

    Question 2 : Is the waterbuck a bovine or a deer? Do you know the difference?

    Question 3 : Which animal has the best defense mechanism among those you can find on the frontages?

    Question 4 : How many teeth does the bat-heared fox posess in your opinion?
    Less than 2034 teethBetween 46 and 50

    Question 5 : The pangolin is a mammal but he has two very unique particularities. which ones?

    Question 6 : How many endangered animals can you see on the frontages?