Last week we were pleased to exhibit for 5 days in the biggest international toy fair of Nürnberg (Germany). We presented our Fabulabox to many distributors, shops and met some cool toy designers as well. 

Which toys and games innovations drew ou attention? Here is our selection:


Japanese inspiration for our new Fabulabox: cherry blossom's magic and dive in the heart of this traditional neighbourhood. We promise we will tell you more very soonl ;)


As parents we tend to assess a toy by its apparent capacity to resist to all our children's tests of solidity... 

But does durability only relies on a toy's material ? Appearance ? Or are there other features to be vigilant about?

Let's sum it up in 5 key points: Solidity = quality : Many parents ask us about the solidity of our toys since it is mainly made of cardboard. Indeed we tend to think cardboard is a fragile material, while we believe wood or plastics are not. Truth is a material type is not enough information to judge the quality behind the toy. Design and choice of qualitative materials are.  

To prevent you from buying a lovely wooden bear whose arm break in 24 hours (true story!), let's review the main focus you should have: