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Design charter of Fabulabox toys

There is no magical recipe to design a toy. However, we are convinced that an ethical approach must direct our creation methods.

The charter presented below was written to serve as a guide in designing new games and toys… and to always remind us why and how we want to change the way of designing and producing toys.


• Design charter of Fabulabox toys •

1 Diversity : dreams have neither gender nor skin color

2 Scalability and multi-age : maintain the interest of toys over time and encourage shared moments

3 Solo and multi-player : being able to choose is better

4 Collaborative : play with non confrontation

5 Stimulation : support the development of motor skills and cognitive abilities

6 Wonderment : the visual richness encourages imagination by multiplying the narrative possibilities

7 Experience : the durability is reinforced by the richness of use and interactions

8 Compatibility : with both our toys and the ones you already own (0% forced purchased, 100% fabulous stories)

9 Eco-design : integrated from the 1st toy idea through the materials, production methods, life cycle and societal impact

10 Pleasure : the smile of a child (and its parents) is the best criteria in the validation process of a toy