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Did you notice the many NOs we tell our children during playtime? “Please be careful it’s fragile”,  “it’s too complicated for you”, “don’t touch your father’s toys” …  😉

Toys’ choice is large for children under 10. Yet we are struck by the oversimplification of the world, toys often confine them, under the pretext of fragility and technical nature.

No wonder they feel so attracted to virtual games and apps which offer more realistic and immersive experiences.

An idea was growing…


FABULABOX is a new company designing and producing dream toys for little and not so little children.

We commit to respect children’s intelligence, creativity and health. 

Alexandra, CEO

Energetic child always full of “Why?”

Mum of 2 very dynamic young children

In charge of Strategy, Management and Sales 

Carole, Head of design

Imaginative child, craving for stories and discoveries

In charge of product design, brand identity and graphic design 

Indoudianne, Communication Assistant

Child in search of adventures and accomplished gamer

Communication, website and social media

Mohamed, Graphiste Assistant

Big child passionate for multimedia

Motion design, graphic elements 


◇ Social : our packing is made with an ESAT (sheltered workshops) and our recruitment favours insertion and diversity

◇ Solidarity : 5% of our benefits are paid to child protection associations

◇ Environment : our toys are ecodesigned and ecoproduced in France 

◇ Local : our producers all work within a 150km range from our office

◇ Smile : working in a good spirit is the requirement for efficacy