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Do you really know where and how your children’s toys are produced?

This is not a secondary issue for us. This is the engagement from which originates the creation of Fabulabox.

Only 7% of toy sales in France are made in France and there is no official label that analyses the environmental impact of the toy industry. It is therefore very hard for parents to make the right choice.

Even though some brands like Bioviva are pionneer in this field, far too few companies of the toy industry commit to a production that respects everyone’s health and our planet’s future.

Fabulabox’s environnemental commitments:

◇ Integrate the principle of eco-design from the first toy idea: challenge the materials, the production method and the environmental impact

◇ Choose organic raw materials, either easily recyclable (FSC labelled cardboard), or biodegradable (bioplastic made from corn and other vegetal components)

◇ Rule out the use of plastic wrappers or other fitment and spacer elements by optimizing our games’ format. We not only limit the production of raw material, but also the number of trucks needed for the shipping!

◇ Select, meet, audit and build meaningful partnerships with our subcontractors who are all committed to a sound environmental approach. All of them are located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to limit our carbon footprint.


100% Made in France

100% traceability

100% committed to our children and planet’s health 

This is the eco-design of toys!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or on our Facebook page. We will be happy to answer you.


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