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FABULABOX Dream-a-city is a NEW construction game system that improves 4 to 10 years old children’s focus, observation ability and fine motor skills while expanding their imagination.

Children can freely assemble their own poetic and funny sceneries, inspired by real cities or fantasy ones. That’s how we can allow them to create their own playful environment in which they can imagine great adventures with ALL of their other toys and figures.

Eco-designed and made in France, our first range Fabulabox Dream-a-city is a stimulation game for 4 to 10-year-old-children.


◇ Focus with the discovery of all the sceneries details and the many observation games hidden in the frontages

◇ Fine motor skills through the assembly and handling of the toy which improves the coordination of both hands

◇ Creativity thanks to the infinite number of combinations children can build 

◇ Imagination through all the stories they will be able to invent, live and share.