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How to increase the ability of children to focus?

Focus is by definition the brain and intellect capacity to abstract from the surrounding wolrd to set oneself on a single topic. Focus varies with age, time of the day, fatigue and the interest of the given topic!

With all the senrory stimuli that are phones, screens and the crazy daily rythm we have, focus is getting harder to reach for everyone, especially children.

Yet, learning requires focus, and in a crowded school, the hability to listen and stay focus is key to success.

Comment accompagner votre enfant à développer les fonctions cognitives qui vont l’aider à se concentrer?

Quelles activités et jeux peuvent renforcer la concentration de votre enfant?

concentration des enfants

Manual activities that reinforce focus 

All precision activities such as cutting, folding and stickers placing, increase fine motor skills and agility. When assembling a Fabulabox for instance, children focus on their hand movment: first folding strongly the cardboard on the folding lines, second inserting the part in the “ground” slots.

Through the fun of the game, and their will to assemble their city, children use all hand muscles and increase their coordination and focus at the same time. Full autonomy is key to succes as the action reinforces muscle and brain memory.

The satisfaction of success at each step of the game motivates children even more, and help them persevere. This is why experiences toys with multiple levels are important, as long as we make sure that there are not to difficult for them. Frustration can indeed lead to a mistrust in their abilities.  if the game is a match, let your children keep playing as often as they need, since repetition really anchors skills in children’s memory.
Construction games have many benefits on psycho-motor development. You can find more about it in our dedicated article.

concentration des enfants
Observation and focus games 
“Search and find” and puzzles are long-standing successes for children. In fact, many traditional games require focus of children and can be good resources.
We decided to include many of them in our Fabulabox, such as differences games or riddles based on visual observation.
Fun in the game and visual stimulation is the key to helping children gain in focus: once they are passionate about something they really can focus their attention.  Do not hesitate to change of activity every 15 minutes, except if they want to keep doing it, so that they stay motivated and captivated.
Graphic design is an important motivation factor too. Its variety and intensity can extend the focus length. This is why we chose to have such an intense visual design in our toys. The mix of detailed architecture and funny graphic design triggers curiosity and help them concentrate on each detail to solve the enigmas. The same ability is used by children to analyze a text or exercices instructions at school. It also helps spatial recognition and logic.

You are Fabulous

Focus ability is the core element of a serene education since it helps children gain autonomy in learning and capacity to perceive details and complex knowledge. But focus needs to be taught, nurtured in a benevolent way since all children are diferent. The path is more important than the short term performance, since pleasure in activity will be essential to focus increase. Toys and games are your best allies to initiate the will... that school will then develop through its own tools.