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Toys to reinforce learnings of children

Each child is unique. So is its development. We are often amazed by children ability to suddenly get passionate about an activity and progress unthinkingly through repetition. Whatever their particularity is.

How to pick a toy that is really going to help your child reinforce its skills while having fun ?

How does Fabulabox develop experience rich toys that reinforce learnings ?

apprentissage des enfants

Autonomy and observation : key to a deep learning

Inspired by positive education and education science, psychology and neuroscience researches, our design always starts with a simple question : How can we be sure our toy is captivating and learning rich on the long run ?

For a child to progress, 2 elements are required : a strong motivation and the possibility to do the task again and again.

Motivation is visual first. Like all other humans, children are attricted by activities and toys whose shapes and colors please them. Motivation brings persévérance and the visual attraction is the key. The long job on the graphic design of our toys, the magical side of the sceneries and the humor hidden in all the details is intended to help children focus through observation. It also makes them come back to the game often. Focus and fun are essential to guarantee learning is reaching deep.

Autonomy then.  A child needs to repeat an autonomous task several times to anchor a new learning. Giving a child a toy that is too complex for its abilities or that require the help of an adult looses all its benefit.

Committed to inclusion, we chose to embed in our design a motor and cognitive accessibility requirement. Both our assembly system and riddles are reachable from 4 years old and still captivating up to middle school. Thus, whatever the children’s development profile, they can access freely the fine motor skills activities as well as the educative games. They can do and undo in full autonomy, as often as they please, can and must to anchor those learnings.

apprentissage des enfants

Wealth of experience : balance and progressive learnings

Toys are often designed for just one use and fits in a single category : construction, imitation, creativity… Easier to advertize and to organize in a shop. We, at Fabulabox, think this thinking is problematic.

First, ecologically : single usage toys get children bored too fast. Then, from an educative standpoint : crossing and connecting various knowledges and know-how is essential to develop children abilities to understand a complex world, emphatisize with others and innovate. It’s in childhood that we form the neuronal connections that will help us face complex situations and active innovation skills.

We committ to design toys concept that are experience-rich and help children reinforce a vast list of key learnings, each time they play.

Folding and assembly of our toys together (fine motor skills and coordination), observation of our frontages and mix with all their toys (imagination, creativity, humor) and enigmas to solve (focus, vocabulary, logics…). Each Fabulabox is a complete play experience to be repeated at will from 4 to 10+ years old.

We designed all activities with a progressivity. Shapes of our sceneries have different difficulty levels. Older children can help younger move towards autonomy by repeating the gestures. Vocabulary games have different levels…

Each child finds its place and choose to start Fabulabox the way he/she wants : without frustration, in accordance with their biological rythm and strengths, and by returning back often.

Being a durable toy also means we want children to have a lasting and repeated play experience, to help them grow in a balanced and positive way.

You are Fabulous

Diversity and progression in activities, autonomy and effort motivation… Toys have many assets to become your educative ally. Fabulabox committment is to design positive education toys that reinforce all children learnings through the pleasure of play and discovery. A complete and durable learning tool, that will thrill your children… and yourself.