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Developing children’s potential

When we do workshops with children or product testing, we are always astoned by the focus, creativity and intellignece of all children we meet. Slow gestures, focused look, disregard of the outside world… children are entirely in the game.
When a child’s mind is nurtured, its development capacities rise higher than any adult.
Our only mission as adults is to help them find what triggers their appetite for discovery.

How can we help our children reach their full potential?

How can a toy help your child grow up harmoniously?

potentiel des enfants

Respect their incredible capacities

Our beliefs that young children are not manually efficient enough, fast enough or only interested in noisy and coarse toys. Many toys tend to oversimplify the world’ representations with big shapes, flashy colors for instance.
We, at Fabulabox, believe simplification shall never mean reduction but adaptation instead, so that toys become keys to better understanding and acting on the world. Simplification must never limit the possibilitues of children’s imagination But instead allow them to explore it in full autonomy.
Respecting children’s wit requires to never limit a toy properties because it is for younger or disabled children. Respect comes from our ability to question the essence of a toy to make it reachable for all… with a maximum interest and value.
potentiel des enfants

Every child is unique and different

No child has a linear or symetrical development. Children’ skills rather increase erratically, function per function.
To help children reach an harmonious development, presenting them with various activities in which their diverse skills are stimulated is thus essential.

If your child has a sudden and strong passion, it is very likely that one function sollicitated by that passion is settling in. And the enjoyment it brings is so strong that they need to do it again and again. No worries. You just have to let them live their passion, whether it is puzzles, dinosaurs, reading, maths or drawing. The constant repetition anchors knowledge and reinforces self-confidence. And that’s a key to being able to try new things… when they are ready.

We would also suggest not to focus too much on age recommendation on toys or activities. Age is an average data, not an imperative. We can all try to let children grow at their own pace.

You are Fabulous

Every child is pure potential. Our love and benevolence are essential to help them discover their skills through diverse activities. This is why we design complete experiences to play in an inclusive way. No specifity or handicap should exclude a child from the pleasure of play.