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Fabulabox, the choice of an all European production

Toys is one of the most relocated industry. Many brands keep on designing in their home country, but the production is often managed in countries with less expensive workforces… and lower security commitments. If local production is a growing demand from consumers, the shop offer reality is quite different.

Ecological and economical impact, security and quality… What are the advantages of a made in France toy ?

Why did Fabulabox chose to produce only in France?

jouet recyclé

France/UE produced toys are a guarantee of both quality and security

Toy market is a regulated market, in order to protect children and families given very strict criteria both on chemical and physical rules. Toys standards are validated on an European scale within the 2009/48/CE Directive and give a clear frame for european produced toys as well as for imported ones. As a french producer, we have to committ to those norms by testing our products prior to sell through an independent laboratory, located in France. This is why we are allowed to use the CE mark on our products. We can be controlled anytime and are legally responsible in case of infringment… and that is perfectly right for children safety. 

Yet, the vast majority of toys sold in Europe come from countries that don’t apply the same rules both in terms of safety and workers protection. Customs do their best to control those massive arrivals of toys, but the quantity and the transient side of those productions (disposable plastics, no brand…) makes it hard to identify and control them all. 

When we decide to produce in France, we committ to toy safety and quality. We personally chose all our subcontractors among local small businesses, and social work associations, and we developped each production step with them. The geographical proximity allows us to master our toys quality all the way, to know the real impact of the production, and to react fast to make sure quality is maintained. 

Immediate proximity with our suppliers, control on each production release, strict norms : this is also what makes a made in France/local toy a quality guarantee. 

jouet fabriqué en France

Ecological and economical commitment behind the local production 

In France and Europe in general, we are blessed with a strong industrial and artisanal patrimony. Even though our sector suffered strongly from relocation since 430 years, we have the possibility to choose a local production. It is both a committment to local economy and to ecology.

We first chose our partners for their ecological commitment and used their skills to finalize our toys conception. Natural components are bought in France and our suplliers work on a natural transformation to offer the best ecological toy possible: from wood and recyclable, from biodegradable bioplastics. 

Our packaging, for instance, is a key example of that strategy. Ultra compact, no wedge and zero waste, it is made in France like all our otys. Its compact format and local production allows us to strongly limit our transport impact: less trucks needed, less distance… it is a double ecological win. 


You are Fabulous

Fabulabox is a social company. Producing in France also means favoring professional integration, local businesses and a better distribution of added value. Buying a Fabulabox toys, a local toy, is a positive act for an entire sector, men and women who transform our daily life and make this planet a more fair and healthy place for us all.