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Zero waste goal. Even with toys?

Do you sometimes get the impression that your house is invaded by your children’s toys? Do you sometimes feel completely lost on how to get rid of this quantity of toys they no longer want? In France, 40 millions of toys are thrown away each year.

How can we limit this amount of waste? Recycle it? Give it away? Here are some tips on how to reduce waste with the ​Zero waste​ lifestyle.

How can zero waste action can help you manage purchase and end-of-life of your toys?

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Zero waste starts at purchase

The main aim of the zero waste approach is to reduce our trash production. Therefore sorting waste is a start but is not enough to become a regular user of this eco-friendly practice.
Limiting one’s environmental footprint is the aim of the zero waste goal. The first key elements are: buying sustainable toys, reducing over-packaging, giving a second life to old objects or giving them. In the end, acting on the source generating waste is the only way to decrease the final amount​ of trash produced.
“The most desirable waste material is the one we do not produce”.

Choose your toys with zero waste

Did you know that in France 7 toys out of 10 are no longer used after 8 months of purchase? Today we buy things, accumulate them, throw them away, and this keeps going on… Reducing waste requires us to buy less… and better!
Toys should not be designed to break and dry out fast. Resistance to real-life use should be key in this industry, but low cost toys usually prefer low quality materials.
Fashionable/disposable toys have the same impact as fast fashion. We therefore invite you to consider 2 criteria:
1/ resistance to use, time and fashion

2/ wealth of experience in the diversity of activities it can offer, as well as the recurring time spent on the toy

Our construction game Fabulabox for instance combines four different activities:

– the folding and assembling process of the setting
– the endless combinations of sceneries
– the games, the puzzle-solving,
– and the invention of stories in a décor compatible with all their toys.
This gameplay depth enables your children to play often and for a long time, and to continue exploring new game possibilities.
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Consuming better is a good thing but durability sometimes reaches its limits. Because your children grew up or because toys are too damaged, you will have to get rid of them. But you do not have to throw everything away thanks to the zero waste lifestyle’ hacks!

Recycle damages toys
If the choice of raw material enables it, do think about recycling. Paper, cardboard, cotton or even wood in some cities can easily be recycled (just check with your local recycling company). But be aware that a majority of toys are not recyclable because they are made out of plastic layers.
If like our floor grounds, your toy is made from bioplastic, then it is biodegradable. It fully respects children’s health and the environment. As a consequence, you can simply put it underground in your garden! Be careful however not to throw it in the sorting bin because it will probably be sorted out to general waste.
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Re-sell or give away your unused toys

You can of course re-sell your unused toys in a flea market, or on online platforms but do think about donation too! In France, the association and stepping stone into employment ​Rejoué allows you to make a solidarity act by giving away the toys you no longer use or by buying second-hand ones at reduced cost.
This is a good example of acting to consume differently with the aim of reducing one’s waste and limiting over-production.In addition, there are many other ingenious ideas in order to recycle and give a second life to old toys. It is a great opportunity to do arts and crafts with your children! Do not hesitate to get inspiration from recycling tutorials online. We recommend the ones of “123 Go!” on Youtube.

You are Fabulous

No one adopts a zero waste lifestyle in a short time. What matters is the goal. Many good advices can be found online from families who have been through this path. One step at a time, will a giant impact for mankind.