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A word from the creators

Playing is essential to children development, as it opens the doors of imagination and helps children master the world around them. Toys are an educative and motor and cognitive tool… Thus picking the good one requires to understand its challenges.

Our articles on positive education, ecology, children development… are here to help you give a stronger meaning to your toys purchases.

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Stakes and commitments

As polluting as the textile industry, toys deserve a strong commitment from us as producers and consumers. Here you will learn more about our approach and how you can avoid the marketing traps in your next purchase

Positive education

Autonomy and confidence

A child needs benevolence to become more autonomous. Self-confidence is key and toys have a central role in its reinforcement, that we offer to explain you here.


Inclusion and benevolence

Learning requires both the will to discover and a belief in your ability. Every child is unique, but toys can be a common tool to help you accompany him/her in this key process.


Founded in 2017, Fabulabox is a french company, committed to making children happy through educative and ecologic innovations. It was born from our will to transform the toy industry by inventing captivating and inclusive toys, directly inspired by positive education.

The team gathered around our 2 founders: Alexandra Morge Rochette, and Carole Dubu, is committed to ensure that each of our toys is a fun and fabulous experience for all children from 4 years old… up to middle school.