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Keep it school

• Keep it school • fabulabox accueil ecole GB

Just as she enters her new school, Lucie finds herself caught up in a strange enigma… but that’s exactly what she loves. Observing details and looking for clues in all the classrooms… this investigation is the best way to discover her new environnement

• Keep it school • fabulabox quizz ecole GB

    Question 1 : Do you know if the world map above is American, European or Asian? Can you tell the difference?

    Question 2 : Isaac Newton is a British scientist well known for his theory of grativation. The legend says that he came up with it, thanks to a fruit that you can find on the frontages. Which one?

    Question 3 : There are 6 vital organs in the human body. Which ones can you see on the frontages?

    Question 4 : The oldest earth globe was german. It was made in 1492 by Martin Behaim but 2 continents were missing. Can you tell which ones and why?

    Question 5 : Can you guess how far back the game of hopscotch goes?

    Question 6 : Since when is school mandatory in your country?