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• Monsterlane • fabulabox accueil monsterlane GB

Despite her brand new equipment, Jenny is scared. Tonight she has to prevent 8 ghosts from messing around in the city. But her first solo mission as a monster hunter doesn’t really go as planned. Can monsters be afraid too? Help her solve the riddles to catch those mischevious ghosts.

• Monsterlane • fabulabox quizz monsterlane GB

    Question 1 : Can you locate England on the world map above?
    Yes I found itNo, I can'tI found it with some help

    Question 2 : Which monsters scare you? Why?

    Question 3 : Do you know the origin of Halloween?

    Question 4 : Monsterlane is full of celebrities. Who amongst the monsters you can see on the frontages have appeared in movies or cartoons?

    Question 5 : What is the alchemist's sacred quest?

    Question 6 : Can you tell the 3 most popular techniques among street artists?