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2019 new toys and games

Last week we were pleased to exhibit for 5 days in the biggest international toy fair of Nürnberg (Germany). We presented our Fabulabox to many distributors, shops and met some cool toy designers as well. 

Which toys and games innovations drew ou attention? Here is our selection:


Japanese inspiration for our new Fabulabox: cherry blossom’s magic and dive in the heart of this traditional neighbourhood. We promise we will tell you more very soonl 😉


German and ecological fluffs: SENGER NATURWELT

Very few plush toys makers really produce in Europe. In France, we can name the lovely brand Juste Inséparable for instance. But here in Nürnberg we met a lovely german family who commits for 30 years in a local and ecofriendly production of fluffs and soft toys. We loved the Duck heat cushion which relieves babys stomach ache with its cherry pits heart and comforts them with its soft and easy-to-grip shape. We want the same !

You might find it here


Stones to colour : CRAYON ROCKS

Even though we discovered it on a Dutch booth, those ecological stones made from soy based wax are an American creation. Their unique shape favors children’s grasp to help aquire the good writting gestures, while colouring beautiful vivid colours. No stain on hands or furnitures. We brought some home, and our kids immediately adopted them.  

Buy on Ekobutiks


Green power game board: SUPERNAT again MAXIBEURK from BIOVIVA

Bioviva is a pionnier in ecological games in France and they release new games on ecological awareness every year. This new item is a mix between adventure and puzzle games starting from 5 years old. Accessible, fun and deep, it promises to be a fun family addition.

Buy on their website


Recycled construction game: STRUCTURE from CLIP-IT

You might already know CLIP-IT, a great assembly system made to turn plastic items in a magical construction game. They are about to release a new system for small wooden blocks made of recycled plastic garbage. Modular, imaginative and green just like us, we ought to love.  

Soon on their website


Draw on the wall without bothering parents: GRAFFITAPE from KIPOD

Our very nice neighbors were the sweet pair from KIPOD: designers and makers of creative and educative wooden toys. We have had a crush for GRAFFITAPE which projects a drawing on the wall and allows children to draw it with adhesive trap (with no damage on the wall). So simple, only they thought of it !

Discover their website



We already tested their children gardens and carnivorous plants, and here is a lovely new item. With their medieval kit, children grow their own plants in a cardboard castle they built. Original and full of imagination… we will try it soon.

Mid-february release on their website


And in a very different style:


Real educative application : MARBOTIC

Let’s end with a mix between digital and physical toys. Already a huge hit in schools and with families, Marbotic is not a newcomer, but they released a complete kit with their reading and mathematics games. We tested it and the mix between wooden letters and numbers to manipulate and a digital screen to reinforce the activities is a real success. For once, we feel like leaving the tablet to the children.

In all Apple stores and online



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