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Welcome to Fabulabox
Designer of positive education toys,
ecofriendly and made in France

  Supporter of inclusive education, we design innovation toys to help all children reach the same dreams and development potential from 4 to 10 yo.

Social and ecological impact company, all our products are ecodesigned and produced in France with small local producers.

They are made from very resistant biomaterials to ensure a strong sustanabilty of the toys, and thus a lesser impact on the planet.


Exciting, humourous and full of experiences, our toys are good for children development and good for the planet too!
Choosing a Fabulabox toy means participating in the positive transformation of the toy market and giving meaning to your gift.


Local production


Educative innovation

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Childcare Professionals

FABULABOX has been designed and validated by childcare professionals: therapists and teachers, because we want to be at the service of the development of children in all their diversity.

For a single child or a group, we offer activities adapted to your needs: MOTRICITY, SPACE SCORE, LOGICAL, IMAGINATION and VERBALIZATION.