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Play, laugh, discover and learn

A fabulous collection of educative and sustainable toys

Made with love from the finest sustainable materials, to resist the real life of children.

Each reference is a unique theme and combines 3 core experiences to enhance children’s development with a lot of fun!

jouer fabulabox


Play to reinforce fine motor skills, hand coordination and space recognition at each step of the assembly.

Regardless of their particularities, children will learn very fast to do, undo and redo their mini-city all over again… in full autonomy.


Each Fabulabox has a theme and immerse the children in a great adventure.

Our mini-cities can be combined with every toys children like, which make them the perfect starting point to unleash their imagination.


The story is filled with riddles and games to be solved directly in the sceneries: Seek and find, vocabulary games, differences… each Fabulabox contains lots of activites and even a quiz to complete for curious children.

Please your children and grand children!

Pick your favorite theme and start the adventure

Play to develop your potential

From 4 to 10 years old, children will find their happiness with our toy collection made from high quality ecological materials. Pick the size or theme you prefer as a start, and build your magicial universe with all the toys they already have (small cars, figurines and bricks).

Fine motor skills, observation, focus, vocabulary, logics… all the riddles and activities in our toys reinforce the balanced development of all children profiles.

0% forced purchase, 100% pleasure of growing up joyfully.

Our commitments for children

Positive impact toy company

Discover our commitments for education, ecology and made in France, in our Fabulamag.

Playing is the most effective way to learn

And yet, most of the toys are designed for a very short and impulsive consumption, with no regard to their educational content.
Designing positive education toys requires combining joyful play, full of experience with innovative systems that will enhance the development of all the children skills at every step of their use.
We worked with teachers and therapists to make our toys evolutive and useful. Experiences to be lived, touched and observed freely… over and over again.
Through the visual richness, the enjoyment of playtime and discovery, the children will enhance all their key competences and gain autonomy with a smile.
Including every development particularities and refusing to assign any gender to our toys are some of our core values.


Every child deserves to have fabulous toys to develop his potential while playing freely.

Regardless their learning profile, our toys are powerful tools to accompany children’s progress through the pride and joy of doing things by themsleves.