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Sakura Dori

• Sakura Dori • fabulabox accueil sakura GB

Sakura only likes black despite her name and her pink
cheeks. She always dreamt of being a ninja. So when
an admission letter arrives from the secret ninja school,
she is totally excited. But to get in, she will need to
demonstrate her ruse and patience first by solving
3 enigmas in a day. Can you help her find the right
clues to fulfill her dream ?

• Sakura Dori • fabulabox quizz sakura GB

    Question 1 : Can you locate Japan on the world map above?
    Yes I found itNo, I can'tI found it with some help

    Question 2 : Do you know the other name often used to name Japan?

    Question 3 : Can you tell the name of the most famous mountain in Japan? Can you spot it on the frontages?

    Question 4 : Have you identified the various japanese arts and crafts depicted on the frontages?

    Question 5 : Find on the frontages, which items are used by japanese people to ask spirits help in fulfillinf their wishes?

    Question 6 : What's the name of the automn festival equivalent to the Hanami festival?