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Fabulous positive education toys

Welcome to our Fabulous universe where each toy is a complete, inclusive and ecofriendly adventure, all Made in France!

Dream-a-city is our first range of educative and very fun toys that combines 3 captivating activities for children age 4 to 10 years old

Construction – Imagination – Riddles

En l'honneur des héro.ines du quotidien

Aide les pompiers à identifier les dangers et à trouver des solutions pour intègrer la brigade comme un.e grand.e. Attention, des blagues et des énigmes sont cachées sur les façades. Il va falloir ouvrir l'oeil, se concentrer et rire beaucoup pour ne rien rater.

Compatible with all your toys

From 4 to 10 years old, all children will find joy in our high quality toys collection. Pick the size or theme you prefer as a start, and start designing your imaginary universe with all the toys you already have.

Fabulabox is compatible with all brands of toys, cars and figurines, for all stories to be imagined.

Zero forced purchase, 100% fun and freedom of creation